The Different Styles of Learning


Everyone learns differently. What works for one student may not necessarily be effective to another. Knowing what strategy or style works best for you can go a long way in improving the learning process.

Aural learners learn best using music or sound. If you are this type of learner, you can make the most of music and sounds to absorb and retain lessons better.

People with an intrapersonal learning style are those who prefer studying alone. If you can identify with this learning type, consider setting aside time for self-studying and using different strategies that work for you to maximize your learning.

If you learn best in the company of people or groups, then you might be an interpersonal learner. This type of learners thrives well in a more social setting as opposed to studying alone.

Also known as verbal learners, those with linguistic style of learning thrive best using words – both verbal and written. If you are this learner type, you can make best use of words in exploring different techniques in picking up new information, concepts, and ideas.

As the name suggests this type of learner respond best with logic and reason. If you are this type of learner, you can use logic-based systems and reasoning to grasp information.

Physical or kinesthetic learners understand better when using their body or senses. If you are this learner type, you can use physical activities or your senses that allow you to get a better “feel” of the information you are trying to process or learn.

Visual or spatial learners understand better through images and other visual or spatial methods. If you have this style of learning, you can associate words or ideas with pictures or visual images to understand and retain information.