The release of PlayStation 4 in 2013 marked a historical moment for the creator, Sony Interactive Entertainment. The sales of the console instantly got underway and 1 million sales were recorded within 24 hours of releasing the console. Hence, PS4 became the fastest selling console in history, and Sony is still riding the wave to date. With the current declaration from the Sony America boss, Shawn Layden, that PS4 Pro would not be the last PlayStation brand, there are speculations that a new brand, PS5 will be released any moment from now. This information leaves gamers all agog and looking forward to new upgrades in the coming brand.     Gamers Expectations in the New PS5

1. Improved GPU

In the recent years, console gamers are increasingly hankering for higher graphics resolutions and processing power, such that whenever there is a new console release, graphics are the ultimate point of discussion. Microsoft’s forthcoming console boasts a higher graphical power of 6 teraflops, which is even above that of PS4 Pro. Therefore, they are looking forward to the PS5 with video cards that, at the minimum, will match those of mid-grade PCs. There’s great info about this here.

2. Upgraded CPU

Another top feature expected in the upcoming PS5 is the CPU with an enhanced processing power. They are anticipating a PlayStation with higher processor speed and RAM. A console that will handle the graphics, the resolution, game loading, game processing and so on as never before. So the PS5 is expected to come with impressive processor speed and RAM.

3. Old Version Compatibility

We hope Sony would have learnt some lessons from their competitors. Hence, Sony is expected to review their standpoint on the issue of backward compatibility. After all, their direct competitors, for instance, Microsoft, has been making great strides in this respect. The new PS5 is, thus, expected to be compatible with PS4.     4. Massive Disk Space     With the current gamers’ increasing interest in digital games, the demand for a console with a larger hard disk space is greatly increasing. Though PS4 Pro features 1TB disk space, based on the gamers’ interest, yet the PS5 with a larger space, like 2 TB, will take the lead in the market.     5. Improved VR     A game with a high-level virtual reality stimulates the senses and offers a fantastic real-world experience. Every gamer desires this great experience. The forthcoming PS5 is expected to come with the latest VR technology that will generate more realistic images and sounds that will deliver deep sensations, which will dip the gamer into a virtual environment.     6. Upgraded Controllers     Despite the fact that DualShock 4 is a great controller, the set back is the headache of charging it every now and then as well as the wired connectivity to PS4. So the PS5 controller is expected to come with a wireless connectivity, and more importantly, with a wireless charging capability.     7. More Games     Though PS4 features more exclusive games, yet gamers desire new adventures all the time; therefore, they are expecting the new PS5 to feature more solid exclusive games than PS4.      In spite of the fact that gamers are looking forward to the PS5 with the above-mentioned features, Sony will surely make a good fortune if they will be able to meet up with these expectations.