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Level up your game and do better in War Robots with these tips!

Start with a long-range weapon

long range weapon

In the game, you won’t be able to scan your surroundings thoroughly before a match, which is why it’s best to use a long-range weapon because you don’t know where your enemies are. Using a long range weapon is more advisable to use than a short range one because they can shoot both near and far opponents.

Maximize the countdown timer

Use your time wisely! The timer in War Robots waits for all the gamers to spawn (appear). Even though you can’t move until the countdown finishes, you can still use that short time to inspect the setting. Pan your camera to observe the robots as well as their weapons. Also, if possible, do find the beacons that are closest to you so that when the countdown ends, you’ll know what to do and where to go first.

Hack the game

free gold and silver

Did you know that there’s a reliable cheat in https://warrobotshack.site/? If your gold (Au) and silver (Ag) aren’t enough, you don’t have to buy extra using real money. Just use a hack, and you’ll be saved! For non-War Robots players, you should know that these two currencies are essential in the game because they allow gamers to upgrade their weapons and robots or buy new ones.

Don’t forget to maximize the power of your robot

If you want to damage an opponent gravely, you should use the special powers of your bot as much as you can. Remember, the sooner you make use of them, the sooner they can cool down.

Choose the right weapon

war robots hd

One of the mistakes of players is choosing their favorite bot or weapon for all the nine maps. This is a wrong move. Even if you have no idea what map you’ll land into, you can still change weapons in the middle of the match so use that option with a sane mind. Note that every map has a unique structure, playstyle, and length, which means to have the upper hand, you must know the best weapons to use when you’re in a certain map. For instance, you should use sniping bots wit weapons like the Zenits, the Kang Dae, the Zeus, and the Trebuchet if you were placed in Springfield, Canyon, or Yamantau. If you were randomly placed in Valley, Dead City, Powerplant, or Moon, you should use brawling weapons such as the Thunder, the Taran, and the Orkan.

Collaborate with friends

It’s also a wise technique to play with your squad since you’ll have more chances of winning if you work in a team. It’s not always beneficial to do things alone, you know.